We are commited to maintaining the carefully monitored quality standards set for medical devices.


Valon Lasers is an ISO13485 certified company.


In the EU, our products are CE-marked as medical devices according to the Medical device directive 93/42/EEC.


Valon Lasers has installations in more than 30 countries around The World. Our Multispot Lasers are used in both private clinics and at public sector.


Our carefully selected local representatives are industry top professionals. They overgo a thorough training at Valon in order to provide high-quality service for clinics of all sizes.

Check below Valon representation in your country. If your country does not yet have a Valon distributor, please contact us directly. If you're interested in becoming a Valon distributor, please read more about Valon distibution partnership here.

Thank you for contacting Valon Lasers. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


The team behind Finnish Valon Lasers has experience in the development and production of ophthalmic lasers since 1972, a legacy few companies can match. In the Valon Multispot lasers we have combined our decades of experience and knowledge with the newest technology and high-quality components to provide solutions for discerning and conscious-minded ophthalmologists.


All development and production work is carried out by our own professionals. We work closely with the leading industry experts and are commited to developing technologically and ergonimically superior solutions that will provide the best care availble for the patients and help ophthalmologists gain better treatment results and work satisfaction.