Valon TT 577 shortpulse

Multispot Laser

Superior care for busy clinics

Unsurpassed accessability for wheelchairs and patient chairs
577 nm wavelength, which is preferred by many retina specialists
Laser console, electronics and computer integrated into a functional and simple design
Compatible with a wide range of slit lamps
Excellent opticts
Adjustable table hight for better work ergonomy
Castors on one side increase mobility
Foot switch integrated into the laser console


The Valon Laser Table Top version consists of the wheelchair-accessible table with laser console, computer and electronics of the device integrated to the table. The slit lamp (CSO SL 9900 ) and monitor with touch screen are installed on the table. The table has wheels on one side. The foot switch is connected to the laser console.

Valon TT Dimencions:

Net Weight: 138 kg

Gross Weight: 208 kg